Programming Assignment #7

For non college credit


Program Assignment:

How many of you balance your checkbook? Hopefully everyone! To help with this process, you have decided to write a C++ program to help you balance your checking account. This program should let you enter a starting balance for the month, followed by a series of transactions (meaning deposits and withdrawals) that happen throughout the month.


When someone makes a transaction, you need to do the following:

        echo the transaction date, the current balance in the account.

        If the balance drops below $300.00 at any time during the month, a one time service charge of $15.00 is assessed (taken from you!) for the month.

        If the balance drops below $50, a warning message is displayed.

        If the balance becomes negative, an additional service charge of $25 should be assessed (taken from you) every time you make a withdrawal until your balance is no longer negative (ouch!).


You are welcome to make these fees variables that you read in from the user. But, you donít have to! They can be constants in your program. (For example: float service_charge = 15;


Things you should part of your program

a.      The input for the program should be:

1)      The initial balance (entered just once) at that start of the program

2)      Within a LOOP, ask the user to enter a transactions type. There are two kinds of transactions: deposit and withdrawals. Ask the user which type (d for deposit, w for withdrawl)

3)      Each transaction consists of (ask the user for):

                                                                           i.      The date (month, day, year)

                                                                         ii.      Amount of deposit or the amount of the withdrawal

4)      Repeat the loop until the user indicates that there are no more transactions


b.      Make sure to echo all of the input Ė and make sure each value echoed has a meaningful label (tell me what is it). Make sure to display all dollars and cents using proper format ($ sign and 2 digits after the decimal point)


c.       ERROR check! If the input isnít a Ďdí or a Ďwí when entering in the type of transaction, display an error message and give the user another chance to enter the choice.


        REMEMBER to turn in an algorithm in the header comments of your program; it is worth 20% of your program grade. And, donít forget to add comments and to work on your programís readability; this is another 20%!!