Programming Assignment #5, 6


CS 161: Introduction to Computer Science 1



Unlike the previous programs, this program contains two parts to cover the concepts that normally would have been split between two programs.


**This is your last programming project this term! **



Program Assignment:

The goal of this program is to experience working with arrays of characters and working with external data files. You may not use the string class in this assignment. Instead, you MUST use arrays of characters! And, yes, you can use the cstring library.


You have started working on some papers for your other classes. In the back of your mind you have wondered if a program could help you more (or less!) than the normal word processors that you are using. Some of your teachers are very precise about how many words you can write, how many times you use run on sentences (with but, and, or semicolons), etc. So, you have decided to write a program to keep you on track.


Phase 1) Arrays of characters


·   Read in a paragraph (or more) from the user (hint: read one word at a time)

·   As you read, count the number of times they use “but”, “and”

·   Count the number of times words end in ‘;’

·   Count the number of words.

·   Do not echo the paragraph!

·   Stop reading when the user has entered a # sign as the first character on a line

·   Output the results to the user


Phase 2) External Data Files

·   Once you are comfortable with Phase 1, add the ability to write the paragraph to an external data file

·   The filename should be read in from the user (prompt/read/echo/confirm)

·   Near the end of the program, Phase 2 should add the ability to read the text back into the program. This time you are interested in counting the number of sentences (ending in period only). (hint: read using the 3 argument version of cin.get)

·   Output the paper back to the user as you read. Make sure as you do this to capitalize the first letter of each sentence.



Important things to keep in mind


1.      Write at least three functions with arguments for this assignment.

2.      Allow the user to enter in the name of the external data file.

3.      Watch out. When using the 3 argument version of cin.get you need to make sure to remove all delimiter (.) from the input buffer.

4.      You should use the cstring library strcmp, strcpy, and strlen functions.

5.      The program should experiment with BOTH cin >> array as well as cin.get( 3 argument);





On the due date, turn in:

a. Remember to email your program to


b. Remember to turn in an algorithm with your program – it should be in your header comments! It is worth 20% of your program grade. And, don’t forget to add comments and to work on your program’s readability; this is another 20%!!